Friday, October 10, 2014

Invite a Corporation to Church? Why not!

Yesterday, I came across this blog post in which the author expresses his displeasure over recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings which declare that corporations can be treated as people, including the constitutional rights granted to all people.  The author takes this conclusion of treating corporations as people and (sarcastically) invites Christians to go to corporations and invite the corporations to attend worship services at our churches.  The author voices his protest to the rulings by pointing out that corporations such as British Petroleum (BP), McDonald's, and Capital One will not show up because they are not people.

However, corporations are made up of people.  And if we take up this author's challenge to mainline protestants, it would be the largest evangelism effort that this country has ever seen!

I get that this author is trying to make a point.  No, Bank of America is not going to show up at your congregation.  However, the tellers at your local bank branch might come if you invite them.  The Walton family will not show up just because you wrote a letter to corporate headquarters, but the sales associate at the Walmart or IGA register may appreciate a warm conversation from a customer instead of another set of complaints and accusations.

So, yes, let's invite the people who work in corporations to worship with us on October 19th, or October 26th, or November 2nd.  Let's treat them as Sally and Mitch rather than throw scorn at their dress-code-compliant company shirt.  For the rest of this month, and in the future, let's interact with company people as people rather than as one piece of the company.

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