Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Challenge to the Church (and Sports Fans)

As the World Cup continues in Brazil, soccer fans are making their case for why they are the best of all sports fans.  Fans of each sports clamor for this unofficial title of the best fans in all of sports.

Well, the bar was recently raised by a group that does not get as much credit as they deserve: hockey fans.

Gino Odjick, a professional hockey player who spent the majority of his career with the Vancouver Canucks, recently announced that he has a terminal illness and may have only a few weeks to live.  In his open letter to fans, he stated that he wished that he could hear hockey fans chant for him one last time.

NHL fans who remembered Gino as an enforcer heard this last wish.  Many fans gathered outside of Odjick's hospital in Vancouver and rallied in support of a retired but not forgotten hockey player.  Emotions were high as Gino came outside of the hospital to greet the fans who gathered and chanted his name one more time.

I ask you to look at your congregation.  Who within the congregation is suffering from a terminal illness?  What is their wish at this time?  And how might the congregation come together to fulfill that wish?

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