Monday, June 2, 2014

We are Free for...?

Kevin D. Williamson was recently reflecting on the Elliot Rogers attacks.  Among his many observations and comments, Williamson wrote this:

Modernity sets us free, but it does not offer any answer to the question, "Free to do what?"
Williamson observed that modernity sets us free from focusing solely on meeting our needs for food and shelter, which was the gathering point for many societies throughout history.  Modern technology has freed most people from needing to grow their own crops, hunt or raise their own meat, and build their own homes.  But what do we do with this freedom?

I believe that there is a similar dynamic within the Church.  Many Christians hold to the promise that Christ has freed them from the power of sin and death.  However, how many Christians have gone beyond this promise of freedom to ask what they are free for?  What does the gift of freedom mean for us during our lifetime?

While I have some thoughts on this, right now I turn the question over to you.  Given that we have freedom in Christ and through Christ, what are we freed for?  I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments and discuss the question with others.

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