Friday, May 23, 2014

What Question do you Want to Ask but Feel Like You Cannot Ask?

I have a very inquisitive nature.  When my curiosity arises, I begin to search for the answer to my question.  I will ask others, run Google searches, dig into published articles, and learn all that I can until I find the answer to my question.

But there are times when I hesitate to ask the question I have because I think that others will think that I should already know the answer.  I should have seen that movie, read that book, heard about that news story, or remembered that family event.  I did not, or I do not remember doing so, but I do not want to admit it in front of these people who did and do remember.

Many people treat religious questions in the same manner.  There is a question to which one wants to find an answer, but one is afraid to ask.  The person fears seeing that look or hearing that comment which communicates oh-so-clearly, "Do you really have to ask that question?  EVERYBODY knows that!"

So I want to offer this forum as an opportunity to ask the religious questions you have wanted to ask but feared to do so.  What are the questions that you have wanted to ask your friends, pastor, or congregation, but were afraid to ask?  I will respond as best as I can.  If I do not know, I will say so and promise to search for an answer.  If you find that the answer leads to another question, ask that one, too!

So what questions do you want to ask?

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